Everything has been turned upside down lately. We can't hug our families. Birthday parties, senior proms, graduations and weddings are getting cancelled. Drinking in bed is now trendy (we were so ahead of the curve on that one).

But there is so much more to the current world crisis than the cancellations and social distancing - people are coming together in unprecedented ways. Neighbors are shopping for the elderly couple down the street. Strangers are connecting to carefully hand sew masks for high-risk people and essential workers.

In the spirit of uplifting and supporting our fellow humans, Après began a Badass Of The Month series that features badass women doing awesome things.

First up: Stevie with Retro Flora.


Stevie Gordon started Retro Flora in 2019 as a passion project that stemmed from her love of vintage automobiles combined with her love of flowers and making people smile. When searching for the perfect vessel for her little flower shop on wheels, she knew she wanted something practical that she could drive every day, but that would also make for a one of a kind floral display.

When she found the listing for her 1970 VW Beetle, she knew it was the one. Retro Flora became a fixture across Denver. The little white Beetle is often spotted at farmers markets and outside of local businesses, and Stevie soon expanded her business to service weddings, events, and local flower deliveries.

So, how did we meet?

We stumbled across Retro Flora's Instagram page not long after it opened last summer. As soon as we opened last November, we knew we wanted to do a collaboration with this charismatic and unique business owner. Obviously, we had to slide into her DM's and arrange a  happy hour business meeting.

Stevie was gracious enough to meet with us at MAX's Wine Dive. (Remember when happy hour was a thing?) We all bonded immediately over glasses of Tempranillo and funny dating stories. It was apparent that Stevie was exactly the type of badass you want in your girl gang. We arranged a photoshoot and a pop-up collaboration with Stevie - and believe us - she is an absolute dream to work with!



The more you get to know Stevie, the more you respect the absolute sh*t out of her.

She started her company with nothing more than a vintage car and a whole lot of hustle. It wasn't always smooth sailing - Stevie learned the hard way that waiting for success to “fall in her lap” backfires and she was ready to give up on her dream as soon as she started losing money. In 2020, she committed to give Retro Flora 100% in a final effort to grow the business and see if she truly could be successful in it.

Her investment in herself and her business is paying off. Stevie is finally seeing return in her business and figuring out how to successfully market Retro Flora. She has already been booked this year for multiple weddings and events, partnered with some amazing local businesses, and has been featured in two publications.

If you were looking for a badass role model, you found her.

We asked Stevie if she had any advice for other women, specifically those women who were just beginning their journey. She wrote:

My advice to you is never give up on your dream. You are going to have to deal with growing pains and lots of learning along the way, but it will be well worth it. Always invest in yourself and what you love and it will come back to you. 

While the vintage Beetle definitely sets Retro Flora apart from the rest (and makes a great addition to any event!), Stevie prides herself on being able to work with any budget. She truly can make floral magic in any price range.

Retro Flora is a unique, fun, and charming business because it was built by a unique, fun and charming woman. Being a woman entrepreneur comes with its own set of challenges. We also asked Stevie what she felt were some of the biggest barriers to female leadership today. She said:

I feel women in a position of power are still expected to go above and beyond to prove that they deserve to be in that role just as much as any man.

Did you feel that in your soul? We damn sure did. 

Interested in supporting or collaborating with Stevie Badass-Of-The-Month Gordon? Here's how to get in touch:

Check out her website, where you can order stunning fresh or dried arrangements, delivered in the famous vintage bug: 


Instagram: @retro.flora

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